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About Us


If you can dream it, you can do it.

We are ITHUT, an Information technology company, we are based in India. The computer is our world and we know that the world revolves around it. Therefore, we provide you all the help that you require with it starting from troubleshooting the issues that pops up now and then to building solutions for you and your business.

Excellent Team

We are a team of professional experts who are dedicated to provide you with various services which requires the IT industry. ITHUT provide everything you need for building your own website, marketing it, making it optimized and also build software and applications if you need. In short, we have everything that will make your online business successful and stronger than ever.

Customer centric approach

At ITHUT, we treat the problems of our clients as our own and their dream as our own. Our relation with the client is not till the project is completed. We extend our hand, even after if the client has a doubt on anything. Our team of technicians and developers make sure that the satisfaction of the customer is the ultimate and has to be achieved how much difficult, it may be. We have a dedicated manager who governs the team of experts in their particular field.

ITHUT - Software Development Company
  • Budget is an extremely important factor for businesses and therefore we do not charge excessive amounts for our work. We are very affordable and also provide various payment options to make the client comfortable. We also make sure that the client is involved with us completely throughout the project.
  • We show the work at every level and also include any changes that they request for. Not only do we develop the software, application or the site for the client, but also help them understand the working. We are a one stop for all your issues with the online world and your personal computer. You name the problem and we solve it.

ITHUT is not like your local store where you have to wait forever after a request. We are available to our client all the time and round the clock. You can call us on our mobile number anytime and from anywhere.