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SEO Service

SEO Service

Whenever we think of something; the first thing we do is typing it in the search engine and get the results. Optimization according the search engine is important because of the rankings. We do not keep on clicking to the next page to the last. Maximum first two pages are the ones which are surfed. Hence, the sites whose rankings are later do not get exposure. To make your site popular and known, it is important to make it Search Engine Optimized.

There are many SEO services which are offered by us at Squared Technologies to fulfill the deficiencies that your site has and improve its ranking. It can be seen as enhancing the website to give it more recognition. We have a full team of professionals who are an expert in the SEO field. They have been researching in this for many years and hence would exactly know the deficiencies in your site.

The service or services that your website requires would depend on the goals that you are targeting for. Here are some of the services that are offered by us:

•    Website SEO Audit- The length of the website audit would depend on your site. For simple sites, it can be short as a few pages long, whereas the longer ones would require a few dozen. It can even be more than hundred pages of the comprehensive sites. It lists the tiniest of the details which is essential for the ranking ability of the website.
•    On page SEO- These refer to techniques that are used to remove the problems that have been detected. It covers the fundamentals such as the headings, content, titles of the page as well as internal link structure.
•    SEO content writing- This is done with well researched content keeping in mind to include the keywords where ever necessary.